Auto Accident Injury

The physical pain a victim feels following an accident is just the beginning. When a catastrophic injury occurs many people are faced with overwhelming choices at a time in which they are not in a condition to handle them. Surgeries, rehabilitation, and lost income along with doctor’s appointments and insurance claims can take a huge toll. The families are also affected as they are forced to deal with disability, disfigurement and job loss, they need someone to help put their lives back together.

The Facts About Automobile Accidents

Car and truck accidents make up the bulk of personal injury cases in the court system. These accidents happen for a various different reasons – improperly maintained roads, poorly marked signs, and intoxication are just a few examples. The most common reason, however, is driver negligence.


There are probably more distractions today than at any other time in history. Cell phones, portable DVD players, and radios are just a few examples of the dangers we face while driving. They may seem harmless, but these distractions can cause serious injuries when they result in car accidents. If this occurs, you will need an Injury lawyer.


Injuries from car accidents represent some of the most serious injuries. These accidents cause injuries ranging from the less severe but long-term, like soft tissue injuries and whiplash, to the very serious, brain trauma, lacerations, broken bones, disfigurement, and even wrongful death.


Truck accidents also cause severe personal injuries. When large trucks collide with smaller passenger vehicles and motorcycles, the results are often catastrophic. These accidents can result in catastrophic injuries, including head injury, spinal cord injury, broken bones, paralysis, and even death.


If you have been involved in a Georgia automobile accident or traffic collision you may be entitled to compensation by the negligent party’s insurance company and/or your own if the negligent driver was uninsured or underinsured. Never proceed with a negligence claim without first obtaining legal advice. An experienced Georgia Auto Accident Lawyer knows the court system, can cut through insurance company red tape, and will make sure you are justly compensated for all current and future damages.


We can promptly investigate a crash, determine fault, and seek to recover all legal damages. Regardless of who was at fault in the accident, victims should immediately seek the advice and counsel of an experienced attorney to protect their legal rights. Within the first week, important physical evidence can be lost, and witnesses may become hard to find.


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Things you should do after an auto accident or car crash:


  • Obtain the name, address, insurance information, vehicle license number and drivers license number of any persons involved in the accident.
  • Get the names, addresses and telephone numbers of ALL witnesses
  • Insist that the police be called, an accident report be completed and filed with the appropriate local law enforcement agency.
  • Photograph the accident scene, including all vehicles involved (before repairing) and any visible injuries (cuts, bruises, etc.).
  • Seek medical attention and tell your physician or surgeon exactly how the injury occurred and describe all symptoms and complaints.
  • Be sure to report memory problems, confusion or disorientation, however minor these things may seem at the time.
  • Sign nothing without consulting a lawyer. Truthful statements made in an attempt to be helpful can easily be misinterpreted and turned against you.
  • Talk to no one about the accident or injuries other than your doctor or lawyer, especially not an insurance adjuster.

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Auto Accident FAQ

Do I need an attorney or should I try to handle my claim on my own?


An attorney can often obtain more money for your claim than you can obtain on your own. It is the goal of every insurance adjuster to minimize claims payouts to increase the profits of the company. Adjusters are often rewarded by their employers for resolving claims quickly for a minimal sum or no compensation at all to the injured claimant. Therefore, the goal and purpose of an insurance company is in direct conflict with your best interests. The job of your attorney is to obtain the maximum amount of compensation for your injuries. Your attorney’s sole job is to work on your behalf and fight the insurance company, in court if necessary, to obtain the best possible outcome for you.


In cases where you have a severe injury, (broken bones, surgery, scars, a head injury, or other permanent injury), and in cases which involve criminal activity (hit and run, DUI, DUS, reckless behavior, or violations of laws and regulations, etc.), it is critical to retain an attorney to ensure that you are receiving the full value of your claim. Under these and other exceptional circumstances, you may be entitled to an award of punitive damages in addition to compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. An attorney knows when to make a claim for punitive damages on your behalf.


In addition, you may be entitled to a recovery under multiple policies of insurance provided by other insurance carriers, including your own, who my provide coverage applicable to your claim. The attorneys at this firm have years of experience handling personal injury cases. We know how to assess the value of a case and we know how to locate other sources of recovery for you. This is where the services of an attorney prove to be most valuable. It is critical that you consult with an attorney prior to signing any document presented to you by an insurance company. Without an attorney, you may be signing away your right to additional compensation for your injuries.


The insurance company wants to send someone to my house to write me a check and settle my case. Should I accept the money?


It is the goal of every insurance adjuster to minimize claims payouts to increase the profits of the company. Adjusters are often rewarded by their employers for resolving claims quickly and for a minimal sum or no compensation at all to the injured claimant. Therefore, the goal and purpose of an insurance company is in direct conflict with your best interests.


Insurance companies often send adjusters directly to your home with a checkbook in hand within days or hours of your accident. They know you are at your most vulnerable at this time. They want to settle your claim before you can consult an attorney or even a doctor regarding your injuries. Under the laws of your state, you often have a period of years within which to bring your claim. Thus, there is no reason to feel pressure to accept a quick or unreasonable settlement offer. Take your time, consult your doctor and seek the advice of counsel before accepting any money or signing any documents from the insurance company. Once you sign a release, your claim is over. If you change your mind, or your injuries worsen, the insurance company will not be responsible for any additional payment on your claim.


The insurance company wants me to give them a recorded statement. Should I do that?


Recorded statements are taken for the sole purpose of utilizing your own words against you at a later date. Even a seemingly innocent comment can be misconstrued and can be used to deny payment on your claim. These statements are recorded to preserve your testimony for use at trial. Under no circumstance should you ever provide a recorded statement without first seeking the advice of an attorney. In most instances, the recording can be avoided.


The insurance company wants me to sign a medical authorization. Should I do that?


Unlimited medical authorizations enable insurance companies to obtain and investigate your most personal information to include medical records, employment records, educational records, and financial records. They are used to find evidence which in many instances the insurance company will use against you to deny payment or reduce your recovery. Under no circumstance should you ever provide an unlimited authorization to an insurance company without first seeking the advice of an attorney. When you retain an attorney, the attorney will obtain only the records necessary to support your claim and will provide only those documents to the insurance company in order to protect your privacy.


What is my case worth?


Every case is different. The value of your case will turn on a variety of factors which your attorney can assess to determine a range of acceptable settlement values. The severity of your injury, the length of your medical care, the amount of damage to the vehicles involved in the collision, the amount of your medical expenses, the conduct of the defendant, and the jurisdiction in which your case would be filed, all play a critical role in determining the ultimate value of a claim.


You cannot determine the value of your case based on a simple formula nor should you evaluate your case based upon stories of settlements obtained from unreliable sources or even settlements obtained by friends and relatives under different circumstances. No two cases are alike and each should be evaluated on its individual merits by an attorney with experience in handling personal injury claims in your area.