Preserving Evidence of the Scene of the Wreck

Preserving Evidence of the Scene of the Wreck

Take Pictures of Everything


Most people who are in a car wreck instinctively take pictures of the accident.  But, many times the pictures miss important accident details.  The first thing most people will take a picture of is the exterior damage to the vehicle.  This is good to have, but you shouldn’t stop there.  Don’t forget to take pictures of these three things:

#1 Inside The Cabin


Take pictures of the inside of the car.  It is amazing how often people forget to take pictures of damage to the cabin space. Is there blood on the dash from an impact? Is the headrest damaged? Or is there cracked glass from the person’s head impacting the window. These are all things that you should be getting pictures of if you are in an accident.  There is not always damage to the interior of the vehicle, but if there is then it is extremely compelling evidence.  Many times, pictures of the inside are more important than pictures of the outside.

#2 Pictures of The Injured Person


Don’t forget to take pictures of any person who is hurt in the wreck.  This includes bumps, bruises, and scrapes. These types of injuries tend to fade over time and they must be preserved as soon as possible after the accident. Smaller bumps and bruises tend to get overlooked, but they can be very useful to prove the severity and force of the impact.

#3 The Road


Don’t forget about the big picture.  Get pictures of the entire surrounding area and be sure to include the road signs and red lights. This information can be essential to show who is responsible for causing the accident.  Roads conditions tend to change over time, so it is important to get these pictures as soon after the accident as possible.

If you can get pictures of these things then you will have much better evidence to show the insurance company or jury.

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