Results Achieved for Our Clients

Results Achieved for Our Clients

Past Results –  Remember, every case is different.* For a free consultation on your case, call us today.


Workers Compensation- Electrocution- Severe Brain Injury- $4.3 million

Workers Compensation- Back Injury, partial paralysis- $2.3 million

Workers Compensation- Back Fusion- $430,000

Premises Liability- Electrocution- $1 million

Personal Injury, Auto Accident – Broken Fibula – $300,000

Workers Compensation- Broken Ankle- $250,000

Personal Injury, Auto Accident – Back Surgery – $325,000

Workers Compensation- Herniated Disk- $131,250

Personal Injury, Auto Accident- Herniated Disk, back fusion surgery- $315,000

Trucking Accident- Bulging disk- $141,000

Premises Liability- Broken wrist- $80,000

Workers Compensation- Rotator Cuff with surgery- $100,00

Workers Compensation- Bulging Lumbar Disk- $95,000

Workers Compensation- Rotator cuff tear with surgery- $125,000

Workers Compensation- Rotator cuff tear and torn labrum- $180,000

Workers Compensation- herniated disk- $135,000


*Every case is different and your case or claim may not bring results similar to those described in this website or on social media.  These results do not constitute a guarantee, warranty or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter. You should consult a lawyer if you need help with legal matters.

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