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Over 36 years of combined legal experience

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Robert Bourne

Robert Bourne

Founding Partner

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Elliot Bourne

Elliot Bourne


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Angela De Los Santos

Angela De Los Santos


Local Lawyers, Long-Time Experience handling injury cases in Georgia

At Bourne Law, we are a father and sons law firm located in Cumming, Georgia. In 1990, Robert Bourne founded this firm with a focus on helping people who suffered serious injures in the Metro Atlanta area and North Georgia.

Our philosophy is simple:

1. Clear Legal Fees- A legal fee is never charged until we secure a recovery for you. This is our guarantee.

2. Open Communication with Our Law Firm- When you contact our office, your call or email will be returned the same day.

3. A Tradition of Excellence- Our firm has been making a difference for people injured in Georgia for over 30 years. Take comfort in the fact that your case will be handled by a law firm with decades of experience and thousands of satisfied clients.

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Bourne Law makes a donation to GSU College of Law locker campaign.

Do I only handle injury cases?

Yes, the only cases we handle are work injuries and personal injuries. Some lawyers do it all from divorce to criminal law. We believe that our firm gains an advantage by focusing on injury law. It is all we have done for over 3 decades. This allows us to best serve our clients. We only recommend hiring a lawyer who only handles the type of law in which you have a case.

Do you also speak spanish?

Our paralegal, Angela, is fluent in Spanish (and English). As you’ll see below, we’ve settled many accident cases for clients who did not speak English.

Do do you handle big injury cases or death cases?

Yes, we have handled many very serious cases. We have handled cases involving shootings, pedestrians hit by cars, fatal accidents, etc. In some cases, we represented the family members of a loved one was killed.

We have represented injured people in Georgia for over 32 years

We do not represent insurance companies, corporations or employers. Our focus and our passion is for helping real people who have sufered a serious injury.

If you are seriously injured, you need the help of an attorney. We are often contacted by people who try to handle their own case. But, once they realize that the insurance company is delaying the case, they reach out to my office. People in this situation are often frustrated by the delay of the insurance company.

Our job is first to move your case along quickly and avoid the common tricks insurance companies use to get your case stuck in the mud.

We prefer to get involved in your case as soon as possible. My advice is to just get a free consultation with us now if you are injured in Georgia.

Does your firm take cases to trial?

We are trial attorneys and we will take your case to trial in any Court in the State of Georgia. Most cases settle without the need for a trail. But, you have to be prepared to go to trial in order to show the insurnace company that you are serious. We always reccomend that you hire a trial attorney to handle your personal injury case.

We understand workers' compensation cases

To maximize your personal injury payout, your attorney needs to have a deep knowledge of the law. This is especially true in workers' compensation cases, because workers' compensation has very specialized laws that are different than the typical personal injury case. Most personal injury lawyers are not experienced in workers comp.

A $50,000 settlement might sound good in a worker's compensation case, but not if your case is worth $100,000. The lawyer you select in a worker's compensation case is important. Workerplace injury cases have special rules and are different than other types of personal injures.

Many firm advertise that they handle worker's compensation cases, but don't have the experience to get the maximum value in these cases. Our firm is founded by Robert Bourne, an attorney widely recognized for his knowledge and skill in this area of law. He has helped thousands of injured Georgians obtain workers' compensation benefits. Both Robert and Elliot have been asked to speak at legal seminars to teach other lawyers about workers' compensation law.