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Bourne Law Firm Wins at Georgia's Supreme Court, lunch breaks are now covered under Georgia Workers Comp

In 1935, the Georgia Supreme Court decided that "scheduled breaks" are not covered under Georgia Workers Compensation law. This Judge made exception to the law has been used to deny workers comp coverage to thousnads of injured workers over the last 85 years. Our firm had the distinct privelege of representing Ms. Rochelle Frett, after she suffered a workplace fall while on a scheduled lunch break. The State Board of Workers ensation denied her claim, citing the 1935 decision of Ocean Acc. & Guar. Corp. v. Farr.

Although the Board has denied thousands of cases by citing the Farr case, we beleived that Farr was decided wrongly. We fought this case through the Appellate Courts to the georgia Supreme Court, in a process that took over 3 years.