Bourne Law Firm Coronavirus Response

In In light of the unprecedented coronavirus crises, we adopted several new policies and technologies to keep our clients safe.

First, We are pleased to announce a new suite of technology that allows our clients to move their cases along remotely. We use 'Docusign' to quickly and safely provide you with any documents that may need your signature. We also take advantage of 'Zoom' video conferencing technology to be able to do depostions and mediations remotely. We can also communicate with our clients using text messaging, email, video conferencing. This allows our clients to safely and remotely move their cases along while practicing social distancing.

Of course, we continue to offer in person meetings as needed. Bourne Law has adopted a mask wearing policy for in-person meetings. We also provide hand sanitizer and regularly sanitize all common areas and door handles. If you are an immunocompromised individual and are concerned about pursuing your case, please give us a call.