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Permanent Dartial Disability Guide

Last modified: Dec 12 2020

When your doctor gives you an impairment rating you’re entitled to start drawing permanent partial disability benefits. This is a weekly check that is meant to compensate you for the permanent damage that was done your body because of the workplace accident. The amount of weekly checks you received depend on the impairment rating given to you by your doctor.

About Workers' Comp Impairment Ratings

In Georgia, Every body part is worth a certain amount of weekly payments. You multiply the impairment rating by the body part to get the amount of weeks you are entitled to receive.

Here is the Formula

[weeks for the body part] X [impairment rating] = The amount of weekly checks you will receive

The impairment rating is supposed to be determined based on the American Medical Association’s guidelines with evaluation of permanent impairment, fifth edition. But this is still a subjective process. Often there are a range of possible ratings that your doctor can give you. Some doctors only give impairment ratings on the lower end of the range, because they know it will save money for the insurance company.

Tips About the Impairment Rating

The doctor that you choose to treat your injury is important. You should speak to an attorney as soon as possible in your worker’s compensation case, so that they can help you get to the best doctors available.

If you are unhappy with the rating you are given, you have a right to get a second opinion from a doctor of your choice and the insurance company has to pay for it.

If you’ve been given an impairment rating that are unfair or too low, you do have a right to challenge the impairment rating by filing a hearing request with the State Board of Worker’s Compensation.