Our Awesome Injury Settlements

We’ve recovered over $35 million in injury settlements from insurance companies. Below are a few of our many settlements. We fight very hard for our clients. Our goal is to make the maximum recorevry for evey client. We work every case as if it were a million dollar case.

Travelling worker recovers $130,000 after unexplained car crash

When others lawyers/law firms left me for dead and wouldn’t take my case. This family based practice took on my difficult case & won! Totally grateful for the professionalism experienced.
-James (review from Google)

Our client passed out behind the wheel while on a job assignment in another town.

The client crashed into a concrete pole. Workers' compensation denied the claim and argued that it was not work related.

We got the worker a $130,000 settlement. You’ll see that even denied workers' compensation cases can result in a big payout.

Knee injury results in $125,000 payout for our client

In this our client was rear ended by a driver who was not paying attention. This driver had State Farm insurance.

Unfortunetly, the driver who hit our client only had the minimum required amount of insurance in Georgia ($25,000).

If a driver does not have enough insurance, then they will be personally responsible for any excess damages. Our client only wanted to go after the insurance company.

We sent State Farm a time-limited demand for the policy limits. When State Farm did not respond within 30 days we withdrew our offer and sent an even bigger demand.

In certain types of cases, you can sue an insurance company for more than their policy limits if they act in bad faith. We took an agressive stance with State Farm and they eventually agreed to pay our client $125,000, or 5x the available insurance.

Concussion at work results in $70,000 settlement

Here, the total settlement was $70,000 and the client got a net of $52,500 after attorney's fees.

Our client had a concussion at work after an object fell off a shelf.

Workers' compensation was not approving the medical treatement that he needed after the accident.

Then he hired us.

We got the worker's comp to provide medical treatment and got an excellent settlement when the time was right.

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