Bourne Law Firm was founded by Attorney Robert Bourne. He has devoted his entire legal career to representing individuals who have been injured. He has 30 years of experience in auto accidents, wrongful death, and workers compensation cases. He is a former president of the Workers Compensation Section of the Georgia Trail Lawyers Association and a former vice president of the GTLA. He was appointed to serve on the Governor’s Advisory Council for Workers Compensation. He has also served on the Chairman’s Advisory Council of the State Board of Workers Compensation. He is a Phi Beta Kappa honors graduate from the University of Georgia. And he earned his Juris at Doctorate degree at Georgia State University.

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Since 1990, Robert Bourne has recovered millions of dollars for his clients, including 7 figure settlements.  Thanks to of our client-first philosophy, we still get the majority of our cases from word-of-mouth referrals. We even give our cell phone numbers to our clients so that they can contact us at any time.


We understand that hiring a lawyer can be an intimidating process.  However, unrepresented injury victims are routinely given low-ball offers by the insurance companies.  The insurance company is not your friend.  They are a business and their relationship with you is a business relationship.  The less money they pay you, the more that they can keep for their shareholders. In general, represented clients recover two to five times more than those without the aid of a lawyer. At Bourne Law Firm, LLC our philosophy is to provide you with the same high quality legal representation that the insurance companies have, so that you may be fully compensated for your injuries.


Understand that we are selective about the cases that we accept.  Many lawyer may accept any case that walks through the door, but this leads to a lawyer that is too busy to give each client the specialized attention they deserve.  Our philosophy is to focus on quality and maximize the compensation for each of our clients.

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Consultations are free!   It is good to do research online, but the fastest way to get reliable information is to call us for a free consultation. It is our job to help you solve your problem and educate you about insurance claims and the litigation process.


We have a 10/10 rating from Avvo and over 30 years experience focusing on personal injury and workers compensation cases.  We stop at nothing to get the best possible results for our clients.  You can speak directly to our attorneys over the phone and get the best possible information about your case.

Recent Outstanding Results:

Back Surgery


Broken Fibula


Partial Paralysis

$2.3 Million


$4.3 million

Broken Wrist


Premises Liability

$1 Million

The #1 Workers’ Comp Tip


Look For The Posted Panel of Physicians


Normally, injured employees are forced to choose from one of their employer’s doctors.  Unfortunately, many of the employer’s doctors do not have the worker’s best interests at heart.


If you experience a workplace injury, look for the “posted panel of physicians”. Every employer with three or more employees must post a panel of physicians that lists the doctors who are available after a workplace accident.  It must be posted on the wall somewhere that you can see it. If they don’t have a panel of physicians posted, then you may choose your own doctor.


You should look for the panel of physicians at your workplace.  It must be posted in a conspicuous place, such as a break room. It should be pink in color.  If your employer doesn’t have a panel posted on the wall then take pictures of all of the walls so we can prove it.

A Posted Panel of Physicians Looks Like This:

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